Acalia Digital


b. 1986, HK.


The studio began in 2016 in Melbourne, the city of art and good coffee. Over the years we have worked with both big clients and tiny startups, for local and international companies.

Beside commissioned works, we spend plenty of energy in personal creative projects from painting to photography. For us, design isn't just a job, it's our way of life.

We like working with brands whose values match our own, and we are always on the lookout for conscious, compassionate and quirky clients to add to our wolfpack.

Graphic design, Web design, Illustration, Branding & Identity, Packaging & Product design is what we love.


Acalia is an independent design studio. We are devoted to creativity and design that makes you smile.


Nancy Chalmers
Creative Director (Chief Executive Glitter Bomb Fascilitator)

Somewhere inside this unicorn's brain is where the magic happens. Nancy has made a career out of making ordinary things look amazing. If you need to sell ice to Eskimos, Nancy will design some kickass packaging that not only stops those Eskimos in their tracks, but makes ice look like the hottest, most on-trend thing this side of the North Pole. 20 years ago, back in the rad 90s in Australia, when Ken Done was hot and magazines were the entertainment media of choice (before everything went digital) Nancy left school wondering how to make a living as an artist. Since then, she has worked for some of Australia's most popular fashion and lifestyle magazines, including Real Living, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Gourmet Traveller. But the lure of the digital nomad life was too strong for this gypsy dreamer and soon enough, she left the 9-5 grind to take her creativity to the tropics. 


Dushan Jayasinghe
Account Manager/Photographer (Central Processing Unit)

We are still debating whether Dushan is the brains or the beauty of this outfit (let's face it, he is probably both!), but this is the machine that processes all client requests and keeps our creative team from drifting away with the fairies too often. An actual threat to workflow. Over 10 years in management roles has turned him into an expert at delegating, deadline wrangling, customer satisfaction and generally getting sh*t done! Also known as Design Pimp, Hawk-eye keeps a close watch on the digital landscape, has his finger on the pulse, and is well-versed in the the art of drawing a crowd and creating atmosphere. Heading up the entire left-brain department of Acalia Digital, the man also knows his way around a camera, and you'll find him  behind the lens and tinkering away on his laptop whenever he's not channeling Easy Rider and trying to break the speed of light on his custom motorbike.